Hun Shi San Xian (Guo Mo)

Time is slowly in the past, from Gu Tongqiu practice into Sanxian has passed a few months,

Time is slowly in the past, from Gu Tongqiu practice into Sanxian has passed a few months, during this period Yunyang is the same practice, and Gu Tongqiu a dry person, is also no movement, which makes Yunyang feel a little abnormal, and Li Wei there, there is no meaning of urging. Since the enemy can't move, I'll move first. Yunyang didn't want to have a long night and many dreams, so he immediately got up and went to find Gu Tongqiu. Brother Gu, you can be here. Standing outside the courtyard of Gu Tongqiu's retreat, Yunyang shouted. Ha ha, brother Mo, it's hard for you to find me. After a while, Gu Tongqiu flew out. I'm not afraid to disturb your retreat, how about it? This period of time should also stabilize their own cultivation. Yun Yang looked at Gu Tongqiu, but found that this guy is somewhat different, obviously has consolidated the body of Sanxian, formally into the way of Sanxian cultivation. Thanks to you, Brother Mo, my cultivation is stable, and I'm going to consult you, Brother Mo. Gu Tongqiu said with a smile, this period of time he has been in retreat, in addition to consolidating the body of Sanxian,interactive whiteboard prices, but in the practice of his previous means against the enemy, in the absence of better skills, it is also a good choice to clean up the old capital. Oh, my brother has something to do with me. I'll help if I can. Yun Yang said magnanimously. In fact, nothing, but there is something to practice to consult Mo brothers, after all, I just stepped into the intersection of Sanxian, a lot of things need Mo brothers to mention it. Gu Tongqiu said very sincerely. Oh,temperature screening kiosk, does this guy have a conscience and suddenly don't want to deal with himself? If they didn't know their plans before, I'm afraid Yunyang would really be deceived by Gu Tongqiu's sincere appearance, but now, the use of a little more precaution will not be so easy to believe him. Ha ha, Gu Laodi thinks highly of me. The cultivation of Sanxian is like that, but there is no way to improve the cultivation. I haven't heard of anything that can improve the cultivation except crossing the robbery. Brother, you can be at ease. Yun Yang naturally won't tell Gu Tongqiu that his current Sanxian practice is simply wrong or incomplete. He has authentic Sanxian practice skills, but he won't give them to Gu Tongqiu. Oh, it seems to be true, then I do not insist, but I do not know brother Mo came to me this time, but there is something? Gu Tongqiu, as a veteran of the practice to cross the robbery, is a thief, Zei8. COM eBook Thief Bar ZEi8. COm eBook Thief Bar Zei8. COM ebook thief bar Zei8. COM e-book ¨ Naturally, I know what kind of existence Sanxian is in the realm of cultivation. It can be said that Sanxian is a group of sad people. Apart from crossing the plunder, there is really no way to cultivate and improve. As for Tian Zhongyu said that the mysterious organization in the hands of the practice method, I am afraid it is only a means of strengthening the various stages of Sanxian, information kiosk price ,touch screen kiosk, and not enough to let people improve the body cultivation, at most only to enhance the strength, so that the chance of crossing the robbery is a little bigger. But he is a little confused about Mo Feng to find himself, I am afraid this Mo Feng is nothing to go to the Three Treasures Palace ah. In fact, it's no big deal, just found an interesting place before, want to invite Gu Laodi to explore with you, maybe there will be unexpected gains. Yun Yang said with a smile. Oh, I didn't expect that this ice star still has a place that you are interested in, brother Mo, so I'll accompany you to have a look. As soon as Gu Tongqiu heard Yunyang say that he wanted him to explore a place, he immediately became a little interested. You should know that he had stayed in Bingling Star for thousands of years, but he was very familiar with it. Now listening to the meaning of Mo Feng, he was a little afraid of that place, and the place that could make a scattered immortal afraid was not a sign of taking advantage. Yunyang with Gu Tongqiu, in the ice Lingxing around the eldest brother, but finally directly to the direction of no back to the valley, yes, Yunyang this is to take Gu Tongqiu to no back to the valley. Now there is no back to the valley but Yunyang's headquarters, Yunyang to deal with Gu Tongqiu, and can not be found by Li Wei, naturally can not kill it, but also to this Gu Tongqiu with their own, then the only possibility is to control, and when it comes to the means of control, it is estimated that no one in the real world is really comparable to Ziyun this demon king. So Yun Yang tricked Gu Tongqiu out in the name of exploration, but with the idea of letting Ziyun Demon King clean him up. Approaching Wuhui Valley, Gu Tongqiu finally reacted, where is Mo Feng going to take himself, "Brother Mo, are you going to Wuhui Valley?" "Oh, does my brother also know that there is no return to the valley?" Yunyang asked. Nonsense. When I was here, you didn't know where I was. Gu Tongqiu secretly thought, but had to answer, "This is a dangerous place for ice stars. I've been here before, but I haven't gone deep into it. Now I'm just going to explore the actual situation with Brother Mo." "I also happened to know that there is such a place, so I invited Gu Laodi to come and have a look. With the strength of the two of us, it is estimated that nothing will be difficult for us." Yun Yang continued to flicker. That's true, but we'd better be careful. This no-return valley has existed for a long time, but no one has unveiled its mystery. It is estimated that it also has its unique features. Gu Tongqiu agreed with Yunyang's words. If the two masters of Sanxian were still trapped in a small valley, it would be too bad. No back to the valley, still filled with thick fog, cloud Yang for no back to the valley in the array layout, nature is very familiar with, no kind of him, nature will not let Gu Tongqiu to break into the array. Gu Laodi, I have been to this no return valley, but only into the middle have to back out, you see if we follow the route I entered before, or find another way? Yunyang looked at the valley without much change, but said that if Gu Tongqiu agreed to Yunyang to lead the way, it would be best, Yunyang decided not to let him go the right way, and if he wanted to go straight, Yunyang would have plenty of time to trap him after touching the array. Since Brother Mo has broken through before,face recognition identification, what if he breaks through again according to your previous way? Gu Tongqiu did not know that Yunyang was playing small ninety-nine, which is not to say how much trust he had in Yunyang, but he also knew that it was better to let Yunyang lead the way safely than to rush aimlessly.


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