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We dare not say that this trip is for the sake of the justice of the chivalrous disciples,

We dare not say that this trip is for the sake of the justice of the chivalrous disciples, or at least for the sake of ensuring our own safety. Now let's go back to our residence and think about it in the long run. On the eve of the coming storm, it seems to be particularly calm. In the city of Yuezhou, there were not many running dogs showing up openly, and now they are not moving. The old shop in Bixiang is calm, and the center of the storm is as quiet as ever. At the beginning of Shenpai, two members of Nanheng Jushi's family, as well as two old men in their 60s, walked along the street to Bixiang Old Shop. Feng Zhi, don't get excited when you see Lord Gongsun Shao. Nan Heng Jushi said to his wife, Fei Wei, who was walking behind him. That beast is hateful! The female flying guard gritted her teeth and said, "He seems to be a natural disaster. Whoever is touched by him will have bad luck.". As soon as he came to our house, there was no end of trouble. The daughter of the Lord of the High Valley met him, and the servant died, and the disaster of the Splendid Valley was expected to be visible. Hum! He "It's not his fault,digital signage kiosk, my wife." Nanheng Jushi's wording was quite cautious: "Please remember that he invited the chivalrous people to come out of the mountains to uphold justice with swords, and he was justified.". Before asking the pure girl, we don't know the inside story. We can't prove that he lured Yunfei to run away from home. Even if he doesn't deny it, we can't help him. So, don't get excited. The whereabouts of his beloved daughter are unknown, and his beloved son is captured. Nvfeiwei was originally a woman with a thunderbolt temper and excellent martial arts. How could she not be excited? Thanks to Yiping's reasonable criticism,smart whiteboard price, he finally came to his senses and managed to suppress the excitement in his heart, but the suppressed emotions could explode out of control at any time. The Bixiang Old Shop was bustling with excitement, and Wanjiasheng Buddha warmly entertained the guests. The hall was crowded with people, and the friendly people had to exchange cordial greetings. After some politeness, the host and guest took their seats and talked earnestly. Of course Gongsun Yunchang was present. Brother Shi Ming, do you know the purpose of pulling out the mountain and raising the tripod? Nanheng Jushi took out the invitation card and spread it out on the table: "This fierce overlord has great magical powers, and his brother's whereabouts cannot be concealed from him." "Anlao, I have one here, too." Wanjiasheng Buddha took out the invitation card from his sleeve, and the two cards were exactly the same: "It is very common and reasonable to invite a neutral person to fight for it, but it is unfathomable to invite a deadly enemy together.". Anlao, we all misjudged the ability to pull out the mountain and lift the tripod. "Does he want to catch them all and hold a grand banquet?" Nan Heng Jushi was greatly surprised. No, facial recognization camera ,face recognition identification kiosk, but it will be the Rope Pool Assembly. "Brother Shiming is going to attend?" "Imperative, Anlao." "This.." "It will be good for both sides to show their strength.". There is also an invitation to brother Gongsun from Gongsun's nephew. So far, there is no news of Brother Gongsun. He should have come earlier. "The last time Gongsun's nephew came to join us, he didn't mention the meeting in Yuezhou." Nanheng Jushi turned his eyes to Gongsun Yunchang. The pee doesn't know about it. Gongsun Yunchang said bluntly, "My little nephew has been away from my father for quite a long time. My father only told my little nephew that when he passed through Hunan, he could go to Xiaoyoutian to ask Uncle Wei to come out to uphold justice. So far, he has not contacted my father." Chapter 25 there is no good banquet. The female flying guard could not bear it and said coldly, "The Lord of Shaobao is really blessed. He is still an all-powerful hero.". When the emperor came to my humble abode, disasters came one after another, but the Lord of the Little Castle was not harmed. Shaobao Lord came to the home of Wuhu Diaosou, and Wuhu Diaosou got on the pirate ship. If you take my child, Xiao Yunfei, he will fall into the hands of the running dogs. Lord Gongsun Shaobao, where is my child? Gongsun Yunchang smiled faintly and said, "Auntie Wei, you are a swordsman in Jianghu. Life is like a candle in front of the wind. No one can guarantee smooth sailing.". Swordsman is a life of licking blood with a knife. No one can guarantee the safety of his own life, let alone the safety of others. The sword comes out of the scabbard and the sword comes out of the box. People who live or die should accept their fate. Those who can't stand it should not come out to talk about chivalry. It wasn't Gongsun Yunchang who invited him to go out. He fell into the hands of the running dogs. I can only say I'm sorry. Miss Gao and I have done our best, and we are still trying to save him. Justified and unassailable. The female guard was already psychologically prepared, so she was not very surprised and excited. She took a deep breath and suppressed her anger: "I want to know the details of the accident, because the news is not clear." "Can you let Gongsun's nephew explain this later?" Wanjiasheng Buddha said with a wry smile, "The meeting is coming soon. We must be prepared.". As far as I know, many invitations have been sent out, which is really unfathomable. Anlao's attitude may be the key to the attention of both good and evil tomorrow. Moving the weight of the growth and decline of Taoism and evil to either side can create a serious imbalance. If we do not brainstorm in advance to plan a plan to deal with it, we may cause irreparable losses. "You have a good discussion." The female flying guard left his seat and said, "I'm going to see Brother Zhuang.". Yunyi, you come too. Excuse me, everyone. "The man surnamed Zhuang is so careful to pull out the mountain and the jade tripod. What good words can he say?" Gongsun Yunchang said, "When Uncle Wu came, Wei Lingxian's mistress, the ecstasy chrysanthemum, was still in his room." "Brother Gongsun, since the ecstasy chrysanthemum is in his room, can he still be regarded as a spy?" Wei Yunyi said quietly, "It should be said that there is a clear distinction between the enemy and ourselves, right?"? The world unexpectedly has this kind of stupid spy, pulls out the mountain to lift the tripod is probably the idiot, only then can use people like this. My father still has some friends in Yuezhou. The source of the news is quite reliable. It is said that Brother Gongsun once attacked the Yang family in Fengqiao at night with the evil spirit Happy Knife in Wulin. He left without a fight. Is this true? Gongsun Yunchang's face changed and he was in a daze. Brother Gongsun was able to invite Happy Knife to join hands. He really has great powers. Wei Yunyi went on to say,smart interactive whiteboard, "But I wonder if Uncle Wu also joined hands with Happy Knife?"? I'd like to hear more about it. "Brother Wei, I have explained to Uncle Wu." Gongsun Yunchang defended himself: "I and Miss Gao unfortunately fell into the hands of a group of strange people with Happy Knife. They forced me to attack the Yang family in Fengqiao. I didn't join hands with them.". Miss Gao can testify that she is also a victim. "If those people come to help again, how will Brother Gongsun deal with it?" "Wu Laobo has his own ideas." 。


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