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Baoling lifted her skirt and squatted by the well, picking up a bunch of big grapes with her slender little hands

Baoling lifted her skirt and squatted by the well, picking up a bunch of big grapes with her slender little hands and putting them into the porcelain basin. She poured in the rice-washing water that the little servant girl had prepared for a long time, soaked it for a quarter of an hour, poured out the rice-washing water, and washed it three times. Only then did she pick a big grape with a smile. Two years ago, the four princes ate grapes in her mind. Baoling couldn't help learning. She peeled the skin with her thin white fingers and then stuffed it into her mouth. Yo, that's sweet. Baoling, squatting by the well, smiled like a child. ~ By the end of the celebration, a shift had passed. I'll leave the palace first. Xiao Wei couldn't wait to leave the palace and say goodbye to the four princes at will, so he wanted to go. But was pulled by the four princes: "I am with you." "Huh?" Xiao Wei first a little confused, big night, four princes do not stay in the palace, with him out of the palace why, is there a task to carry out? However, Xiao Wei quickly reacted, "You just returned to Beijing today, so you're not going to live in the palace?" The four princes nodded, "I will be there wherever Baoling is." This is the meaning of going to live in Zhen Guogong Mansion. This time it was Xiao Wei's turn to hold the arm of the four princes: "Then you can take me there." The four princes looked at Xiao Wei with a teasing smile. Xiao Wei had been teased thousands of times by the four princes, and he was not ashamed at all: "I miss her." Xiao Wei misses Baoqin very much, even if he can't meet and talk to her, his cat is in the tree, looking at her from a distance, is also good. Originally he was going to climb over the wall into Zhen Guogongfu, but if he could take the carriage of the four princes,Agate Stone Price, it would be better, and he was not afraid of being caught. The four princes stuffed the last grape in the dish into their mouths and said with a smile, "Why is it so difficult? Just follow me." Soon, two people sit on the carriage out of the palace, all the way to Zhen Guogongfu. Arrived, just in the second watch, it was dark, all the people in the rooms and courtyards went back to the house, and even the servant girls and boys went back to the inverted seat room to rest. It's convenient to have a private meeting or something. The four princes asked the dark guard to take Xiao Wei to Baoqin's yard,Calacatta Nano Glass, and he went to find Baoling without stopping. However, in order to give Baoling a surprise, the four princes did not go to the gate, but also like Xiao Wei, quietly climbed up the wall. As a result, just from the open window, I saw a scene that directly made the four princes spray nosebleeds. Baoling was sitting on a wooden couch by the window, stretching back. The action of stretching, originally nothing, the key is that Baoling's skirt is a little tight, directly strangle the chest that bulges up two mountains. I haven't seen you for more than two years. Baoling's figure is really. It's a very big girl. The four princes only took one look, hurriedly turned their heads, and their cheeks, which had always been white, blushed in an instant. He remembered the Baoling in his last life. The scenery in front of his chest was not so attractive. This life was simply two high. Towering, rounded peaks. …… That's a big change. She was only fourteen years old now, and she was even more proud than when he held her in his arms in the last life. She was more than twenty years old at that time. Lying on the top of the wall panting five or six times, the four princes suddenly became proud again. It was also true that Baoling grew up under his care. Every recipe was strictly checked by him. In order to make her skin more moist, Marble Granite Price ,white marble mosaic, seasonal fruits such as papaya, apple, banana and loquat were eaten a lot, and these.. All of them have the function of breast enhancement. Baoling in this life, if you don't want to be proud of your figure, you can't do it. After attributing Baoling's change to himself, the four princes immediately showed pride on their faces, and when their faces were no longer so hot, they quietly turned their heads and took a good look at his daughter-in-law. Well, the window is closed. Why close the windows on such a hot day? In the mind of the four princes, Baoling untied her skirt, took off her clothes, and stretched her bare arms into another set of light pajamas. Damn, he's been facing her for years in his last life, and he's been enlightened in that respect. In this life, she had just grown up to be a big girl worthy of the name, and he began to think about the four princes who had always claimed to be gentlemen, who were almost confused by their own "color". She was too ashamed to see her, and her neck and ears quickly turned red, bleeding more than a red peony. He immediately jumped off the wall and went back to his room to wash his brain and calm down. But the brain is really not easy to wash. The four princes took out a pile of books to read, trying to force themselves to remove the beautiful pictures in their minds, but two quarters of an hour later they found. Whether he is reading the book of sages, or the cold-blooded book of Machiavellian, or the art of war focusing on strategy and tactics, all of them are useless. He couldn't see it at all. His mind was full of Baoling, and he couldn't wave it away. A Lin, a trusted eunuch, stood outside the window, looking at the four princes for half an hour. The more he looked at them, the more he felt that something was wrong with the four princes today. On weekdays, when he took a book, he could be like a meditating immortal, calm and relaxed, with an intoxicated face. But today, oh, not to mention the speed of turning books, but also a book can not turn two pages to change a book, the books in front of him quickly piled up in the case. A Lin's brain turned quickly, thinking that the four princes had just gone to Miss Zhen's place, and immediately had the idea that his master would not have seen anything he shouldn't have seen. Are you in heat? Glancing at the lower body of the four princes, er, the robe was covered and could not be seen. Heard a lot of palace. Ting . Secret . Wen's a Lin Soon there was a solution. I went outside to do some work. When I came back, I tried to use the usual tone and asked for instructions: "Four princes, it's late at night. I've prepared water for you. Would you like to take a bath first to relieve your fatigue?" The four princes, who could not read the book, immediately threw the book away, thinking that it might be better to take a bath, and strode towards the clean room. He pulled his clothes and stepped into the barrel. Hiss.. The water was so cold that the four princes quickly drew back their feet. Lin, is this the bath water? It's very cool. The four princes, who had been ashamed for so long and had been upset by themselves, turned around and shouted to the trusted eunuch outside, "Your job is getting better and better now." Lin hid outside the wall and was startled, thinking that he had guessed wrong and angered his master. Can come in to see, only the waist wrapped in a thin towel of the four princes, there is obviously different from the usual. Instantly bolder,Porcelain Marble Slabs, compensate and say with a smile: "Four princes, the water is a little cold, but the effect is very good." Four princes:.. I can't understand what he's saying. forustone.com


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