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Fang Tianguan was very filial from an early age. Knowing that this was his father's love for his heart,

Fang Tianguan was very filial from an early age. Knowing that this was his father's love for his heart, he honestly hung the gold lock around his neck and never took it off even to bathe and sleep. But now? It really should be that sentence-people are dead and things are alive. The lock piece finally appeared, and was the son's body not far away? After a long time, Fang Dehai managed to suppress his emotions, raised his sleeve to wipe the tears on his face, and opened the envelope again. There are only a few simple words in it: "Your son's body is in my hand. Tomorrow, I will go to the Ruihua Building in the capital.". Remember that this must not be revealed to others, or your son's body will sink into the sea forever. After reading this, Fang Dehai suddenly felt a chill in his heart. He knew that no matter how cautious he was, he would still be noticed. Since the man asked him to meet him alone, he must have something to threaten him. And that's probably not a good thing to do. What can you possibly do? Since the man can take out this piece of gold lock, perhaps his son's body is really in his hands, this game, Fang Dehai dare not bet, can only listen to people's orders. When exactly did it leak out? There is no doubt that it must be the guards of the Yamen. If this person has the ability to mobilize the people of the government, in this big New Year's time to find out his son's bones, it must not be an easy person with this let him a small common people, how to fight? Looking at the golden lock piece still stained with the black blood that had stagnated for many years, Fang Dehai's tears once again burst out of his eyes. He was not just an ordinary cook. He just wanted his wife to live a plain life. How could he always fail to do so? After so many years of waiting, he thought he could find his son's bones and go back to the countryside, only to fall into someone's trap again and still want to be a chess in the hands of others. My God, why don't you open your eyes? What did he do wrong to punish him again and again? A lonely old man knelt in the snow and questioned God silently. The heart-rending cry was even more chilling than the north wind on a winter night. After seeing the guests off, Zhang Qingting winked at Zhao Chengcai, and the two of them went into the hut. When Zhao Chengcai saw that there was no one around him, he took advantage of the strength of the wine and came forward to tease him with a smiling face. "Mrs. Zhang, what are you looking for me for?"? Do you want to play a song of Phoenix seeking Phoenix? It doesn't have to be that much trouble. "Do your spring and autumn dream," Zhang Qingting hate to take the finger heavily to poke his forehead farther, "wait for you to win the champion, give me a life to come back to think about this idea, sit down,x70 line pipe, I have something serious to say to you." Zhao Dajuzi spread out his hands, seemingly innocent, "isn't what I said serious?"? This man is unmarried, the woman is not married, Guan Guan Ju Jiu. "Go, go, go, don't drop the book bag here." Zhang Qingting stopped chatting with him and went straight to the point. "What I want to say is about Yulian." Now, Zhao Chengcai got up seriously. "What's wrong with Yulian?" Zhang Qingting gouged him out, "you fool didn't see it?"? Joe had a thief's heart for her, too. Ah? Zhao Chengcai was stunned. "Did you say it was Master Qiao?" Who else is there besides him? It can't be Qiao Minxuan, right? Zhang Qingting said a cold joke, but let Zhao Chengcai look dignified. Strange way today his mother specially gave Yulian such a big gift, I felt something was wrong, I thought it was you who helped him to send it, uns s32750 sheet ,uns s31803 sheet, so that's what it means. Volume 2 (44) You haven't thought about my grievance. (44) You haven't thought about my grievance. For Zhao Chengcai to think that Aunt Chen sent Zhao Yulian bracelet is looking at his own face, Zhang Qingting did not have a good look at him, "how can I have such a big face?"? Even if there is, that can not send me ah? Why do you send Yulian? It must be that he had some idea about Yulian, so he deliberately showed his kindness. Zhao Chengcai frowned, "to say that he is not bad, according to the requirements you said before, can also meet.". As long as he is from the capital, we Yulian still have to go back to our hometown. How can we stay outside all our lives? Not to mention that my aunt is not willing to do this, in case she has something unpleasant in the capital in the future, there is no one who wants to go back to her mother's home to talk to. The eldest brother immediately shook his head, "No, I can't marry her here." Zhang Qingting did not expect that he could think so carefully, but he was happy for his sister-in-law, but he made fun of her, "Oh, I really can't see that you are a big brother, and you are very good at loving people." Zhao Chengcai, however, had a stem in his neck and immediately climbed up the pole. "Of course, he still loves his daughter-in-law and daughter very much." Zhang Qingting gave him a horizontal look, but discussed, "What if Qiao Zhongda really mentioned this to us?" "Back," Zhao Chengcai said justifiably, "he is not the old lady Meng that passer-by? If we don't want to, does he want to marry home by force? Zhang Qingting has some regrets, "but I think, he is really a good family, not to mention, mainly because he has the ability, but also know how to love people.". Now they are separated from each other, but they are just a mother and a son. If any woman marries him, she will enjoy a happy life. "Stop," Zhao Chengcai was a little jealous. "It's easy for you to think about it, but when you really enter the door, is it easy to get along with? When the teeth are still biting the tongue, let Yulian be a stepmother as soon as she enters the door. Does that sound good? Zhang Qingting gave him a white look, "also said others, then you?"? Don't think that you can be irresponsible when Xi Niu is here. In the future, you also want to be a stepmother as soon as you enter the door. "In that case, don't look for anyone else. We can make do with each other, can't we?" "No," Zhang Qingting raised his chin and proudly refused. "Who do you think you are? If you want to divorce, you can divorce. If you want to make do with it, you can make do with it. What good do you have? Why should I marry you? This is still anger, Zhao Chengcai depressed, simply go a step further to make it clear, "Lady,uns s32760 plate, at that time you do not know the situation, if I do not do that, can I keep the family property for you?"? Then you will suffer more.


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