Destroy the Qin Dynasty

Although he can not fully see each other's face, but has guessed the identity of the other side, if the person sitting on the horse is not Hanwang, who can be as calm as he is?

Although he can not fully see each other's face, but has guessed the identity of the other side, if the person sitting on the horse is not Hanwang, who can be as calm as he is? It was a figure standing like a pike, walking leisurely through millions of troops, forming a unique landscape. When the figure moved forward slowly, all the Jianghuai army soldiers felt a pressure like Mount Tai will fall, can't help but back a few steps. One rider, one man, continued to move forward, leaving the entire army behind, until the gap " September forum" "Earth visitors" collated a section of the overhang before stopping. This is undoubtedly the narrowest part of the gap, and the two prominent cliffs, like the teeth of Tengu, make this space no more than seven feet apart. Han Xin's heart could not help but move, the eyes seem to see a tragic face painting: if there are three hundred thousand arrows aimed at the king of Han on the cliff at the moment, after a command, what kind of outcome will it be? He did not know, also did not want to try at all, because he was never willing to simplify some things, but also believed that with the wisdom of Hanwang, he would never do anything uncertain. So he had to wait and see what would happen before making a decision. Standing on the cliff, Ji Kongshou, overlooking the Jianghuai Army with clear flags and neat ranks, could not help feeling in his heart. Han Xin, like him, is from the Huaiyin city street hoodlum, two people can't read much, the military strategy is impassable, can't think of a few years later, have become the commander in chief of an army, this is really amazing miracle. Behind this miracle, Ji Kongshou deeply felt his hardships and difficulties over the years. However, compared to Han Xin, he not only has the full support of the bosom friend pavilion, and Zhang Liang's whole-hearted plan, and Han Xin is completely self-made, with personal efforts to become a vassal of Megatron, the two are not much comparable. It seems that when a person is keen on fame and wealth, his energy is indeed immeasurable. If it were not for the sword he stabbed in Dawangzhuang, how could we turn against each other and make such a life-and-death situation today? Ji Kongshou's expression was unusually serious, no matter what he thought in his heart, today should be the time for him to end his enmity with Han Xin. So he took a deep breath and said slowly, "Please step forward and speak to the Marquis of Huaiyin." As soon as he said this, all the people were stunned, and it was obvious that no one had expected Ji Kongshou to say such a sentence. In their minds, they have imagined the opening of thousands of decisive battles and experienced hundreds of bloody battles, but no one thought that Ji Kongshou would start in this way. Han Xin's heart a jump, this just know Hanwang was able to defeat Xiang Yu, by no means a fluke, its every move, seemingly unintentional, actually intentionally, can't be measured by common sense, from the moment he appeared, unconsciously, he has the upper hand in the momentum. This style of doing things, always let Han Xin have a sense of deja vu. However, plastic pallet crates ,secondary containment pallet, he did not think deeply, because at that moment, Ji Kongshou repeated again: "Please step forward and speak to the Marquis of Huaiyin." The voice is not high, but with a kind of rich metal resonance, let everyone listen, all feel that the other side seems to be talking in their ears, for a long time can not pass away. The matter has come to this point, Han Xin has no reason to show up again, otherwise he is suspected of weakness, this is a big blow to the morale of their own soldiers. So he went out and went straight to the overhanging wall. His speed, four hooves hanging in the air, dust diffuse, and the way Ji Kongshou appeared constituted a clear contrast, when the horse rushed to the edge of the cliff, his big hand a tight, only to hear "Xi Yu.." With a long hiss, the steed stood upright, kicking its front hooves into the void, and settled firmly on the overhanging wall. One is fast and the other is slow, both of them show their ability to control the fierce horse, and at the same time, they inspire their own morale in their own way. In fact, the battlefield, such as shopping malls, such as rivers and lakes, do everything possible, but the ultimate goal is only one, that is to win! When the two men finally stood at the two ends of the cliff, they also became the focus of attention in the battle. Both of them represent the top of their respective sides and are the commanders of hundreds of thousands of troops. Of course, they have also become the final protagonists in this decisive battle. Chapter 15 When Xiang Yu again into the enemy, he is not want to prove what, but at any time and anywhere to catch the fighters to break through. He is really not willing to be defeated in the hands of Ji Kongshou, in his eyes, never put Ji Kongshou in the eye, even when Ji Kongshao and Han Xin became famous overnight and became a powerful figure in Jianghu today, he never admitted that Ji and Han would pose any threat to himself. Just because he despised them from the bottom of his heart, Ji and Han were just street hoodlums, how could they be compared with the children of his family? Even if he is defeated, he must not be defeated by them! The desire to survive made his energy burst out completely, and the sword of Juque was so fierce and murderous that it was like a black dragon spewing out from the blade of the sword, sweeping over every opponent who tried to block him. Clouds gathered, the wind surged, the mountains and forests roared under the strong wind, and the cold killing machine, like invisible air, quickly filled every inch of space here, making everyone in it feel the cold of winter. The horse hissed like a trumpet, and the horse turned upside down. Among the thousands of horses, no one could stop the sharp edge of the sword of Xiang Yu's giant Que. Where it passed, it must be a sad and beautiful blood light. Dazzling blood, gradually dyed the earth red, strange bodies, gradually lying in the forest. Kill the red-eyed Xiang Yu, has ignored his subordinates behind him, consciousness almost fell into madness, can only repeat the same action, that is, killing, endlessly continue to slaughter! Chen Ping, as the commander in chief, was still some distance away from Xiang Yu, but he was frightened by the wild killing. As he watched a row of Han soldiers fall under Xiang Yu's huge palace,collapsible pallet bin, he looked at the expressionless, red eyes and couldn't help asking himself, "Is this a man or a devil?" 。


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