Not as good as shield dance (fan)

"Not before, but that doesn't mean there won't be." The iron hand pointed mercilessly. "Look at him like that, and don't you think he's been laughing a lot lately?"

"Not before, but that doesn't mean there won't be." The iron hand pointed mercilessly. "Look at him like that, and don't you think he's been laughing a lot lately?" "He used to laugh," he said in cold blood. "But he didn't laugh like that before." Said the Iron Hand at once. Chasing life and cold-blooded thought, indeed, ruthless is not the kind of person who sits there in a daze and giggles, he will only hold a book to read, or study his hidden weapons. So Which woman did you really meet? But who has so much ability to make the calmest and most intelligent of the four of them become so ruthless. Ruthless sitting in front of the window, he did not hear the words of the three younger martial brothers, nor did he not know that they deliberately discussed in front of him, in order to let him speak. But he didn't say anything, just stared out of the window in a trance, and had the impulse to run back to Shenhou Mansion to see if there was any homing pigeon coming back. It shouldn't be! Didn't Dongling say he wanted to talk business with Shenhou Mansion? He was afraid that she had no acquaintances in Beijing, so he left the carrier pigeon to her and could contact him at any time. But this is more than a month, even if it is slow, from the south of the Yangtze River to the capital, also should arrive. Is there something wrong? Fingers gently tapping the armrest of the wheelchair, mercilessly gently shaking her head, with her ability, nothing will happen easily. What's more, Lu Xiaofeng and Huamanlou are all still there, and they are all experts. How can anything really happen. It was getting late, they had finished their meal, had finished their wine, and had talked for a long time. It was time to check out and leave. Ruthless take the lead in leaving from the window, turning the wheelchair to the door, at the same time: "You see who pays the bill, I go first." Iron hand chasing life cold-blooded: "..." "Wait." Chasing life almost jumped up. "Don't you always pay the bill?" "Yes," said the Iron Hand. Cold-blooded also looked over. Ruthless has always been the most intelligent of the four of them, and he has always had more money than the few of them who don't know how to plan. So whenever we get together, he always checks out with this brother. Why this time. "I don't have enough silver on me." Ruthless explanation. This time, chasing life three people more curious, ruthless unexpectedly also have no silver one day? But ruthless obviously did not intend to explain too much to them, opened the door and went out, and then went downstairs to leave. The remaining three couldn't figure out why he was suddenly short of money. And ruthless why lack of money, this is not because he gave almost all of his silver to Dongling. Naturally, he was not an impulsive person, and he actually left some for himself at first. But after all, not much left, not to say, but also took the initiative to privately settle the account of Dongling in the inn. This is not a small expenditure down, plus some time ago he went out again, back and forth down, can not be no money. But ruthless does not care about this, he only cares about why Dongling has not entered the capital. He didn't go to the capital, side impact door beams ,stainless steel tube 304, but he didn't let the carrier pigeon send him a message. How did he know that his homing pigeon had almost made Dongling a pet bird. In the past month, I have gained a lot of weight by eating without flying. Still want to eat? I feel like you're too fat to fly if you keep eating. Dong Ling murmured. She had never kept a pet, let alone a homing pigeon, so she kept feeding it, and she couldn't notice it every day. By the time she realized the pigeon was fat, it was already today. Had it not been for the small space in the cage, Dongling would have been afraid of starving it. With two tuts, Dongling asked the carrier pigeon, "You should fly two circles in the sky like this. Will you come back? Won't you run away?" "That's a homing pigeon. How can it run?" Lu Xiaofeng's voice rang out of the window. He was hanging from the roof, and with a light turn, he jumped in through the window. The food was being served in the box, and the bartender was startled to see him. Seeing that the host Dong Ling had no response, he patted his chest and continued to go downstairs. There were still a few dishes that had not been served. He had thought that a girl could not finish eating so much, but it turned out that she had an appointment. Lu Hsiao-feng, who had been'invited, 'did not see anything. She sat down at the table and looked at the dishes on the table. "They are all good dishes," she said. "Miss Dong will really enjoy them." "You're very good at coming, too." Dong Ling said. Lu Xiaofeng is very proud, "that is," he picked up chopsticks to pick up a piece of fried meat, this just talk about business, "Sikong has gone to pick stars, this time he planted a big root, will not steal your things." As for how to explain to the employer, the monkey spirit has its own way, it is not Lu Xiaofeng to worry about things. Dong Ling is not surprised about this, in fact, after catching Sikong to pick the stars that day, she knew that this would be the result. But, "Lu Xiaofeng, you pestered people out and disappeared for two days in a row. You didn't ask anything, did you?" "I really didn't ask anything." Otherwise, Lu Xiaofeng would not have come back. As he ate, he looked at Dongling. "Don't you want to know who's stealing from you?" Dong Ling said, "My curiosity has never been as great as that of Lu Xiaofeng." Lu Xiaofeng: ".." Lu Xiaofeng said, "Even if you say so, I still don't believe it. You must have guessed who it is, right?" This time, Dongling did not refute. As soon as Lu Hsiao-feng saw the door, she asked, "Who is it?" Dong Ling took one look at him and deeply felt that making too many friends was not a good thing. Look at Lu Xiaofeng, although there is such a close friend as Ximen blowing snowflakes all over the building, there is also such an existence as Huo Xiujin Jiulingmu Taoist. Sure enough, if the base number is large, it is easy to go wrong. Lu Xiaofeng was a little flustered by her glance. "What's the matter? Do you think I did it?" “……” Dongling was convinced by his brain hole. She laughed and asked, "Did you do it?" "Of course not," said Lu at once. "If it wasn't, why would I think you did it?" She was very puzzled. Lu Xiaofeng said,aluminium coated steel tube, "Misunderstanding!"! What more reason does it need? Dong Ling: "… …" How many times have you been misunderstood before you can have such an aggressive reaction. He is like this, let Dong Ling's rare conscience discover once, did not continue to hurt him.


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