Phantom beast boy

Life always has its dark side, so, after condensing the dark power of countless gods, people and other lives, an unprecedented powerful demon God was born.

Life always has its dark side, so, after condensing the dark power of countless gods, people and other lives, an unprecedented powerful demon God was born. He is the God of darkness who calls himself the black hole. Although the power of God is strong, it must follow the rules of the universe. In the universe, all the gods have to endure three times like the experience of heaven. Of course, according to the different power and characteristics of each God, the time, content and length of experience are also different. The tricolor flame, which existed at the beginning of the universe, is the basis of everything except time and space. The original Fire King God is a powerful life transformed from it, which has the ability to control all flames and burn everything except space and time. According to the characteristics of the tricolor flame, the original Fire King God created three powerful lives with his own power. Three mythical beasts: the evil phoenix of death, the holy snow phoenix and the immortal blood phoenix. The three mythical beasts loyally guard the original Fire King and travel with him in the universe. One day, the original Fire King God ushered in his last experience. This time, however, it was different from the past. The instructions from the depths of the universe only told him to seal up his power and come alone to the darkest place in the universe,stainless steel squatting pan, Tianyao Stonehenge. The original Fire King God did so, but what greeted him was not the experience, but the dark God Black Hole that had been lurking there for a long time. The power of the black hole is strong, plus the power of the original fire king God is only 10%, and it is a deliberate and unintentional attack, the result can be imagined naturally. The original fire king God also counted, although seriously injured but also counted to escape. However,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, the God of darkness did not let him go like this. He led a group of demons to hunt him down. After three thousand years of fighting, he finally defeated the original Fire King God and his subordinates. Three mythical beasts, the immortal blood phoenix was killed. The holy snow phoenix consumed too much energy and was seriously injured. It turned into a snow-white pearl to restore its strength. The real body of the dead evil phoenix was scattered, leaving only a series of psionic energy combined with the original fire king God. Countless men died in battle, the wife of the original Fire King God, the goddess of nuclear explosion after fire and four of the most loyal men were absorbed into another space by the powerful black hole force together with the original Fire King God. But the eight most powerful gods in the universe are not called in vain. The original Fire King God guarded his beloved wife and his beloved general with his last strength, and sealed his seriously injured true body, which could not be unsealed without the power of the original life of the three-color fire. At the same time, his faithful wife and men sealed their true bodies, guarding and waiting for the resurrection of the powerful God King of the universe. The universe is so big that even the other seven gods, who are the most powerful of the eight gods, have no way to rush to the aid of the original fire king. When the God of sealing came, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,push button toilet flush valve, he only saw the last ceremony of sealing the real body by the original fire king God, who was almost submerged in the power of the black hole. There was no way to save the day, but he immediately passed his will to the three gods and beasts, telling them how to unseal them, and then sealed the gods of the dark gods who had been scattered by other gods and kings one by one. The condition for unsealing was "when the original fire king God was revived again". I don't know if it is the intentional arrangement of the God of Destiny, but the immortal blood phoenix is reborn in a small planet in the universe. Divided into three doppelgangers, looking for the master of their destiny. The holy snow phoenix also fell to this planet, turned into a pearl, it is also quietly waiting for the arrival of the master. Only the evil phoenix has been guarding a family chosen by the gods in another world, and finally found the young man who has the life brand of the original fire king God, and devilishly came to this planet to start a strange journey. Obviously, the eloquence of the evil phoenix is not very good. However, under the contrast of the atmosphere, coupled with the awakening of my life brand, inspired by the divine seal, I still understand the whole story. It seems that things are very simple! I thought to myself. I just don't know where my wife and my men are now! Because my memory has not awakened, I really don't have a deep feeling about what they said. It should be all right. I think under the arrangement of the God of Destiny, they will gather around you before your power awakens. Holy Snow Phoenix's firm way. Oh? What should I do now? Although there is no memory, there is still some kind of feeling hidden in my subconscious. "We must first find my other two doppelgangers, and then gather the power of the three of us to open the connection to the universe at the Heavenly Spring on this planet (each planet has a power spring that hurts the universe, called" Heavenly Spring ") and unlock your seal." Undead Blood Phoenix, maybe we can't call him that now. Hurriedly said. Oh? That's a lot easier? I smiled and gradually emerged from the state of emptiness. A pair of eyes slowly opened, the flame on my body converged, and the faint golden light no longer burned outside my body, but inside my body, making my whole body like gold in a furnace. With the awakening of my divine seal, an arrogance that looks down on everything and despises everything is revealed. Hair, skirt slightly floating, but not because of the wind and dance, no wind dare to flow through my side. The earth is swaying and the sky is kowtowing. The vast forests, the majestic mountains and the vast sea are all trembling in Weiwei. I don't know whether it was the slow passage of time in the state of emptiness or the intentional help of the God of time, but the whole process of my "transformation" took place in a few seconds. Although I have not changed in appearance, but because of the internal earth-shaking changes, people around me still look at me in disbelief, as if I had seen a ghost. If it hadn't been for our long association, I'm afraid they would have bowed down. Xiaolong, are you looking for me? The momentum is restrained, I jump on the back of the night tiger, and the night tiger shakes its wings. Coming to the front of the Glacier Dragon King, I looked proudly at the Glacier Dragon King who had just given me an irresistible sense of oppression, but now looked like an earthworm,Time Delay Tap, with a slightly contemptuous way. "Night laugh seems to be dissatisfied with my ride in the night tiger and a low roar, and then also jumped up.". On the ground, those who can't fly can only look at me alone.


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