Prince, slave

As he spoke, he looked gloomy, and he hurriedly lowered his eyes to hide it. When he doted on yuan Hongxianger, he would never have thought that his son was living in humiliation as a slave, and the deep and shallow scars on his son's body clearly told of the cruel injuries he had su

As he spoke, he looked gloomy, and he hurriedly lowered his eyes to hide it. When he doted on yuan Hongxianger, he would never have thought that his son was living in humiliation as a slave, and the deep and shallow scars on his son's body clearly told of the cruel injuries he had suffered since he was very young. But when the son came back, he watched helplessly as he gave his love to someone else. How painful was the son's heart when he knelt on the ground and watched him spoil the sun? "Father.." On the snowy night, his grateful and excited eyes were fixed on his father and did not move. Sensitively seeing the gloom in his father's eyes, he was a little nervous. Eat, slow down! "Xiao yuanfeng smiled with relief at his son." By the way, don't worry about the people of Wanxiawu, my father has thought about it. All right, open your mouth. Xiao yuanfeng gazed at his son's eyes with pride and pride: "Father knows that my son is yuanhong's King Kong.". How can you rely on your father to clear the way for you? It turned out that my father was thoughtless. You look down on my son. "Even if my son is lying on the ground as humble as mud and dust, he already has the power to make the world look up to him!" "Father.." "Here, take another bite." Father fought all his life and wanted to rest. Hurry to recover from the wound, the father will tell the emperor, after the palace, the military affairs, you have the final say. Father! Ahem ……” Startled on a snowy night. : "Father, it is good that you are willing to admit your son.". Even if there is no name, it does not matter,Flushometer valve, the son did not think. Ahem. When the prince. "Slow down," Xiao yuanfeng used the back of his hand to try the rice grains coughed up at the corners of his mouth on the snowy night. "Don't you want to be a prince? Do you think Prince Xia Liang's seat is very comfortable? ? At that time, my father was determined to do it because he had promised. …… Your mother, Xiao yuanfeng's title is made by his son. But I know Yanyang is not a good courtier, a good prince. Therefore, during the war, I left a suicide note to yuan Hong, eight words: cut the horizon and enjoy peace. But now it's you! If you are the king of summer in the future You will use your title and power to become the mainstay of the Wei Dynasty! Protect Wei Ping'an from the outside world Internally,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, hold up the sky for yuan Hong! These None of them can be done by Zijian. Also, what kind of person are you? yuan Hong knows and knows you. You are generous and kind. No matter how powerful you are, yuanhong will not guard against you. But Zijian. Cleverness is exposed, and forbearance is not known. If he becomes the king of Xia Liang, it may not be a good thing for him. "Oh, the wind and clouds above the temple are changing, the undercurrent is surging, perhaps more soul-stirring than the battlefield of blood and fire.". Fortunately, you have Xiang Er to help you. Father is very relieved. "Father.." The snowy night swallowed a mouthful of rice and lowered his eyes. Once a slave on a snowy night, I don't want the world to gossip about my father and mother. The spoon in Xiao yuanfeng's hand fell into the bowl. Father The snowy night panicked again. Gossiping? Hum ! My son can give up his life. Father will be afraid of gossip? Let you be Xiao yuanfeng's son. Ancestors, is the father's bottom line, no one can change! Neither can yuan Hong. "Xiao yuanfeng's eyebrows twisted up and his head turned to the door.". There was a sound of footsteps on the bamboo ladder outside the door. Before anyone arrived, a clear voice came in. "Is your uncle telling my nephew?" The voice falls, the bamboo curtain opens, stainless steel shower tray ,Self-closing Faucet, the wooden bun ties the hair, the wide sleeve black color rolls the gold edge casual clothes, the long body jade stands by the door with a smile. Listen to the rain, the setting sun will be west. Xiang'er looked up restlessly at the bamboo curtain falling from Yuxuan, and the flying belt was slowly tightened in her hands. "Bang!" There was a light sound, and the belt broke in the hand. Xiang er was taken aback, regardless of the desire to listen to the rain Xuan bamboo ladder, an arm stretched out, is the imperial commander Li Wu stopped him. Li Wu looked at her imploringly and said, "Princess, forgive me. You have heard the emperor's order not to disturb her." Xiang'er bit her lip and said, "Xiaowu, tell me, which ministers did the emperor see when he came?" Xiaowu hesitated for a moment and said in a deep voice, "When Wang Taifu, Zuo Tingwei and Song Changshi saw the emperor, they couldn't kneel down. The emperor threw the teacup in anger." Xiang'er's eyes stagnated and she sighed leisurely. : "I see.." Voice just fell, bamboo curtain a pick, yuan Hong came out, look dignified, calm eyes, can not see the changes inside. He walked down the bamboo ladder step by step, shaking at the foot of the last column. Xiang'er hurried forward to hold his arm. "Big Brother.." yuan Hong looked at Xiang'er and smiled softly, his eyes were warm and shining. Not waiting for Xiang'er to pull out his arm, he held Xiang'er's hand with his backhand: "Xiang'er, walk with Big Brother." Listen to Yuxuan, a small pavilion, Xiang'er and yuan Hong stood side by side, yuan Hong looked at the vast sky, silent for a long time. Eldest brother, but the accompanying minister heard about the prince of the king of Xia Liang, and opposed the recognition of the snow night as the prince? yuan Hong looked at Xiang'er, smiled softly, and smoothed the messy sideburns on her face. "Xiao Xiang'er is still as smart as before." It's not hard to guess. Fragrant son also thought, snowy night reply identity, someone will be in the eldest brother ear clamor. Last time the false prince was opposed on the grounds of unknown origin and illegality. "Oh, this is no wonder, the royal inheritance, the approval of blood is the most rigorous.". It's about the prince, and the uncle doesn't dare to disrespect the rules. Made up the birth disc for him early. That being the case, it is also a special case of the power of the regent in troubled times. But this prince is a fake. They say that Xia Liang Wang Yingming I, true and false, and a mother actually dare to son as a slave, how to educate the world? And this is true or false. Royal blood is like a child's play. Xiang'er raised her eyebrows and suddenly threw yuan Hong's arm open. With a sneer, "So the emperor really came to tell his uncle about these things?"? You want your uncle to give up the snowy night. ?” "Hmm?" yuan Hong said,Time Delay Faucet, "The clouds are light and the wind is clear." Your Majesty! "Xiang'er raised her eyebrows and said," The only thought in my uncle's mind now is to recognize the snowy night. How cruel it is for the emperor not to let their father and son recognize each other! yuan Hong gazed at Xiang'er, and a thick sadness gradually rose in his warm eyes: "Cruel?"? Xiang Er …… Do you miss me so? '.


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