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"I didn't think she usually talked a little and was indifferent to people. It was really terrible to get angry." You Weiman listened

"I didn't think she usually talked a little and was indifferent to people. It was really terrible to get angry." You Weiman listened, sat on the edge of the bed and began to recall once again whether she had done anything wrong or said anything wrong before the cold war with Wang Jingjing, but she still felt no. Such a thing hit his head, every time I think about it, I have to spray a mouthful of blood. The class was full in the afternoon. You Weiman got up a little late when she took a nap. When she arrived at the classroom, almost everyone came. She lowered her head and went in through the back door. She quickly found a seat and sat down. Bai Junjie stood on the edge of the platform, has opened the PPT courseware ready to start the lecture, took a look at Youwei Man, look no change. You Weiman was so nervous that she knew Bai Junjie didn't like students to be late. You Weiman sat down and looked at the number of clusters on the left. In the past, it was an inseparable encounter with Cong Shu. And Wang Jingjing was sitting in front of her. You Weiman was already a little tired of these people. He smiled with Cong Shu and began to take out stationery from his schoolbag. Spread out the textbook and begin to listen. Bai Junjie himself spoke a long paragraph on the platform, writing and drawing a pile of charts and formulas on the whiteboard, all of which were his rigorous calculation ideas step by step. You are not full of concentration. When he met with a puzzling place, he frowned, wrote examples on the draft paper, and then stretched out after a while. When he looked up again, he saw Bai Junjie staring at his corner,collapsible bulk container, his expression was not very friendly, and then he turned to the whiteboard and continued to write. Her heart rattled and she thought to herself, "I'm not distracted.". Another thing Bai Junjie doesn't like is that someone is undisguisedly distracted in his class. Not only is the swim not full, other people are also a mind, know that this is Bai Junjie unhappy performance. Bai Junjie finished explaining the problem and paused. Looking around the classroom for a week, he kept his eyes on the corner of Youwuman, and even Cong Shu beside Youwuman looked at Bai Junjie doubtfully. You Weiman knew he was going to ask a question. As for the mean comparison when the variance is uneven,wholesale plastic pallet, there is a saying that variance analysis can also be carried out when the variance is uneven, mainly for SPSS, what do you think? You Weiman also thought about using variance analysis when the variance was uneven, but his former tutor disagreed. Later, I thought about it again, and when I was in the library, I also thought about this problem and looked up the information, and I felt that I could not deny it blindly. A little breakthrough, but still not very clear thinking, feel vague to grasp the clues, but not very sure logic. You Weiman lowered his head and began to collect all the clues he could think of in his mind and began to organize them into arguments. Then write down the main points on a piece of straw paper. Bai Junjie took the whiteboard pen, foldable bulk container ,euro plastic pallet, pulled out the cap and said it was covered. Seemingly casually roll call: "Wang Jingjing, you say." You Weiman looked up at Wang Jingjing, and she stood up. Next to the people are a little uncomfortable to look at, always answer the question just sitting, what is Wang Jingjing doing. Someone whispered, "I was so scared that I thought I was going to be called." Wang Jingjing just stood up reflexively, shaking, restless, turning over the book, of course, nothing can be found. Even if it was in the book, she couldn't find it. Not long after the bell rang, I received a text message from that bastard. It was to please him again. What would be next? She came to ask for help again. The sad thing is that it's always hard to resist this bastard. Her mind wandered for almost a whole class, but she could not escape the keen Bai Junjie. Well, I think.. Wang Jingjing began to think about what question he had just asked. The roommate next to her handed her the note. She looked down. "I think you can do an analysis of variance if the variance is uneven." "Well, good." Bai Junjie smiled. Staring at her again, he asked, "Why?" Wang Jingjing is silent. The people next to him can't help. Just show her the question, and only think about the answer. What Bai Junjie raises will not be a question that can be explained in one or two simple sentences. Wang Jingjing didn't say anything and just stood. Bai Junjie asked her to sit down. In class, we are not required to be so formal, and primary and secondary school students should sit upright and answer questions actively. But at least be self-conscious, respect your chosen major and be responsible for yourself. An understatement, eyes swept over Wang Jingjing, she is still a straight face, no expression. You Weiman, what do you think? So everyone looked to swim not full. % 87% F2% C4 ", except Wang Jingjing.". You Weiman looked up at Bai Junjie and frowned at the draft paper. I think it's possible. "% 87% F2% C4" , you also think it's OK? Then let's talk about the reasons. The posture of all the people listening. We have become accustomed to the fact that most teachers will naturally ask questions that others can't answer in class. Everyone has become accustomed to the satisfactory answer given by You Weiman. Sometimes, even if it is not perfect, it is enlightening and provides new clues. You Weiman sorted out his views and began to say: 1. The assumption of homogeneity of variance is discussed in the framework of least squares estimation. I have consulted some materials and found that most textbooks on analysis of variance are also discussed in this category; 2. Homogeneity of variance between treatments is not required in the framework of generalized least squares estimation. In statistical software such as SPSS, the problem of variance analysis has been solved by generalized least squares estimation. Under the framework of generalized least squares, variance uniformity is no longer the condition of variance analysis, including the autocorrelation between independent variables, which is not the premise of generalized least squares. This change can be seen from the conversion of menu names to general linear model in SPSS 8.0, that is, SPSS has put variance analysis under the framework of generalized least squares. So I think it can be analyzed. You Weiman finished, and felt that something was missing, but there was no way to start,plastic pallet manufacturer, so he looked up at other people's reactions. Some seemed to catch what she wanted to express, and some were still at a loss. Bai Junjie turned around and began to write on the whiteboard. One side says: "Ask to have done homework." When he turned to face the students again, he was already smiling with suspected satisfaction. You Weiman is right. It can indeed be done.


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