Xuan Tianyi

As soon as Guan Shouhua heard this, his face changed greatly, and he looked dejected. He turned around and went into the hall.

As soon as Guan Shouhua heard this, his face changed greatly, and he looked dejected. He turned around and went into the hall. Xiao Wei's right hand immediately pinched Zhu Beirong's right thigh and shouted, "When did I become your wife?" Zhu Beirong was about to open his mouth to argue. But seeing that bastard officer Shouhua rushed out again, he went straight to the front and asked Xiao Wei hurriedly, "Aren't you his wife?" Xiao hesitated for a moment, but he didn't expect that he would hear the call just now. He immediately said, "Am I his wife? What's the matter with you? Why do you come to ask?" As soon as Zhu Beirong heard this, he was very happy, but when he saw that Guan Shouhua looked shrunken and was at a loss, Zhu Beirong said, "Give up!"! Give up! Don't look like a pig when you see a beautiful girl. With that, he turned around and beckoned the three of them to the right side of the Sanqing Hall. Badai looked back and said, "Look at him. He's so pitiful." Zhu Beirong was waiting for him, but he caught a glimpse of the official Shouhua and chased him again. Zhu Beirong was so angry that he turned around and greeted him ferociously. "Come after him again and see if I don't beat you into a ball!" He shouted. Guan Shouhua, however, ignored him this time. He bypassed Zhu Beirong and stood in front of Xiao Wei. "My name is Guan Shouhua," he said with a smile. "I'm a disciple of Wudang. I don't know, miss.." Zhu Beirong rushed back and shouted, "Official bastard, if you keep pestering me like this,ghana seed extract, I'm going to do it." Guan Shouhua said, "We are destined to meet thousands of miles away. Isn't it good for us to be friends?" "Of course not," said Zhu Beirong ruthlessly. "We've come to steal your master's amulet. Why should we make friends with you?" When Guan Shouhua heard this, he was startled for a moment. Then he shouted, "Are you going to steal the order of the head of this school?" "Why did you say that in advance?" Cried Badai. "You really have a big head disease," said the ancient Yu. "What do you know?" Cried Zhu Beirong? We are thieves of light, and of course we have to say it in advance. "I'm so angry,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract," cried Xiao Wei. "I'm wrong, and I still want to argue. If it's so'bright ', it's not stealing, it's robbing." "You're very young," said Guan Shouhua. "What do you want from the Master of Wudang?" "You're in charge of us," said Zhu Beirong. "You go back now and tell your master to mobilize all the people in Wudang to guard it. Otherwise, I'll only take the amulet three or two times, and then you won't look good." Guan Shouhua was frightened. When he spoke wildly, he thought to himself that the four of them had a lot of background. The master's order could not be lost. Otherwise, what face would Wudang have to see Wulin colleagues in the future? At that moment, he dared to hesitate again and rushed back to report it. Not long after, all the believers and tourists were invited to go out. As soon as the bell rang, the disciples of Wudang rushed to the Sanqing Hall from all directions. In the blink of an eye, they stood densely. Badai stared blankly and said, "Unfortunately, tannic acid astringent ,turmeric extract powder, it's almost the same as when I was in Shaolin." Zhu Beirong hit him and said, "The situation is much worse. We were caught last time, but this time we are showing off." Say that finish, when the first walk to the square in front of the three elimination hall, followed by three Xiao. As soon as Guan Shouhua saw the four of them coming, he pointed to Chi Songzi and said, "Master, that's the four of them." Chi Songzi took one look at the four of them and said, "Just four children." As soon as Zhu Beirong heard this, he walked up to him in a hurry and pointed to the red pine nut nose. "Be polite," he said. "Who is the child?"? I'm twenty or thirty years older than you in years! As soon as the words fell, the disciples of Wudang were in an uproar. "My grandmother!" Cried Badai! It's not like you've become an elite. So you're so young, and you're so much older than others? Chi Songzi smiled and said, "Do you really want to steal the order of the head of this sect?" With a swing of his posture, Zhu Beirong put his left hand on Chi Songzi's shoulder and said, "Lao Dao, that's all right. Let's have a discussion. You can lend me the amulet for a year and return it to you after a year. How about that?"? Save the war and hurt the harmony. "Master," said Xiong Songtao, "please let the disciple meet him for a while." Chi Songzi hesitated for a moment and said, "Good, but don't hurt anyone before it's clear.". ” Zhu Beirong snorted coldly, "Ah!"! Want to hurt someone? That depends on whether I want to or not! "Please, Shaoxia," said Xiong Songtao. With these words, he went down the steps first. The four of Zhu Beirong followed him down to the square, where the disciples of Wudang immediately spread out and surrounded him in a circle. Zhu Beirong turned to Badai and said, "Fatty, go up and meet him." "Is it me again?" Asked Badai. Seeing Zhu Beirong nodding and muttering in his mouth, he went to the field. Xiong Songtao said to Badai, "What kind of weapon does Fat Shaoxia use?" "I don't have a weapon," said Badai Leng. "I use the Hundred Steps Magic Fist." As soon as the words fell, Quan Yang was immediately shocked. Guan Shouhua called out, "Shaolin's Hundred Steps Magic Fist?" Chi Songzi immediately stepped down the steps and went directly to Zhu Beirong and asked, "Are you Shaolin disciples?" When Zhu Beirong saw that Wudang was in a panic, he could not help feeling a burst of pride. At that moment, he neither admitted nor denied it. He just smiled. But when Chi Songzi saw it, he thought Zhu Beirong had acquiesced. He thought, "Shaolin and Wudang have a very deep relationship. How could Shaolin send a disciple to provoke him?" This is no small matter. Both Shaolin and Wudang belong to the South School of Wulin. If Shaolin wants to rob the master of Wudang, isn't it clear that it wants to destroy the Wudang School? Chi Songzi looked at Xiao Wei again and felt a shock in his heart. He thought again, "Shaolin is full of monks, so there are lay disciples, and they are all men. How can you accept a girl as a disciple now?" The more he thought about it, the more suspicious he became. He asked Xiao Wei, "Are you a Shaolin disciple?" "No," said Xiao Wei. "I'm a school of my own. It's called the Lanshou Fairy Dance School. I'm the head of it." As soon as this remark came out, it shocked the whole audience even more-when did a "Lanshou Fairy Dance School" appear in the martial arts world? But the master is so young and beautiful. Just when they were all startled,carnosic acid price, they heard Xiao Wei say, "I have a lot of disciples, no less than ten thousand. I'll give you an example of the last one."! You will know how strong this faction is! Red Pine: "Please say." 。 prius-biotech.com


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