Dallas Fright (Southern Vampire 2) _ Charlene Harris

"No," I said, "I refuse to do that." At the same time, I tried to push Steve away with all my strength. I was very strong myself, and because I had drunk vampire blood at that time, even though Steve was tall and big, he still stumbled a little.

"No," I said, "I refuse to do that." At the same time, I tried to push Steve away with all my strength. I was very strong myself, and because I had drunk vampire blood at that time, even though Steve was tall and big, he still stumbled a little. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, but a hand grabbed my ankle and I fell to the ground in pain. My body hit the edge of the stairs, and my left cheek, chest, hip bone and left knee were all hurt to death. The impact was so violent that I almost vomited. Come here, miss. Gaby said as he tugged at my feet. How could you-how could you hurt her like that? Hugo shouted, upset and exasperated. "We're here to consider joining your group. Is that how you treat VIPs?" "Stop pretending!" Before I could recover from the fall,turmeric extract powder, Gaby twisted my arm behind my back and said pointedly. I gasped for breath, letting Gabe push me into the small room and, at the last moment, grab my wig and pull it off. Even though I shouted, "Don't come in!" Hugo came in after me, and they closed the door behind him. We heard the sound of the door clicking and locking. It's all over. "Sookie,saw palmetto extract," Hugo said, "you have a cut on your cheek." "It's obvious." I muttered feebly. Am I badly hurt? "What do you think?" Hugo looked at me solemnly. "I think you have bruises and maybe a concussion.". You didn't break a bone, did you? "Probably break one or two." I say Obviously, you're not seriously injured. At least you can be sarcastic. Hugo said. If Hugo was angry with me, it would make him feel better, and I knew it, and I wanted to know why. But I didn't think hard because I was sure I knew the answer. I'm lying on a cot at the moment, with one arm hidden in my face, trying to keep my space private and do some thinking. We couldn't hear what was happening in the corridor outside. For a moment, pumpkin seed extract ,ghana seed extract, I thought I heard the door open, and then I heard silence, but that was it. The walls of the basement can withstand the explosion of a nuclear bomb, so I guess it's natural to be quiet all around. Are you wearing a watch? I asked Hugo. Well, it's half past five. There are still more than two hours before the vampires come out. I let the silence creep in. I saw that Hugo, who was hard to read, was thinking again, so I concentrated on listening. It shouldn't have happened. It won't happen. Everything will go smoothly. What should we do when we go to the toilet? I can't pee in front of her again. Maybe Isabel won't even know. After the girl showed up last night, I should know. How can I get out of trouble and keep my job as a lawyer? If I wait until tomorrow and start to get away from these things, maybe I can get out of trouble. I pressed my arm against my eye until it hurt, and I fought to keep from jumping up, grabbing a chair, and beating Hugo Iris unconscious. He and the Brotherhood don't fully understand my mind-reading gift at this point, or they wouldn't have left Hugo with me. Perhaps in the eyes of the Brotherhood, Hugo is as disposable as he is in my eyes. Naturally, he's expendable to vampires; I can't wait to tell Isabel that her boy toy is a mole. It calmed my desire to kill. When I thought about how Isabel would treat Hugo, I knew that I wouldn't be truly satisfied if I saw everything. In fact, that scene only left me terrified and sickened. Still, it occurred to me that Hugo deserved it. Is this lawyer on the fence loyal and trustworthy? There is a way to find out. I sat up in agony and leaned my back against the wall. I'll be healthy again soon — it's vampire blood again — but I'm still just a human, and I'll still feel sick. I knew my face was badly bruised, and I wanted to believe that my cheekbone was broken and the left side of my face was swollen. But my legs are not broken. If I have the chance, I can still run. That's the main thing. As soon as I was refreshed and as comfortable as possible, I said, "Hugo, how long have you been a traitor?" His face turned red. Which side do you mean I betrayed? Betray Isabel, or betray all mankind? "Whatever you choose." When I side with the vampires in court, I betray the entire human race. If I had known their nature earlier-I would have turned a blind eye to that case because I used to think it was an interesting legal challenge. I've always been a civil rights lawyer, and I believe that vampires have the same civil rights as everyone else. It's really a grass on the wall. Indeed I say It's un-American, I thought, to deny vampires the right to live where they want. Hugo continued. I heard a trace of pain in his tone and boredom with the world. He hasn't seen real pain yet. Sookie, but you know what? Vampires don't count as Americans. They are not even as good as blacks, Asians or Indians. They are not members of the Rotary Club or Baptists. All of them are just vampires. It's the color of their skin,rosmarinic acid supplement, their faith, and their nationality. Alas, this is what happens when a minority has lived in hiding for thousands of years. prius-biotech.com


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