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Original title: Overview of the most complete fishing tools in history (detailed, large quantity, professional) Overview During drilling and

Moreover, in a short period of time, such an unknown person as himself has sat and eaten with the first-class martial arts masters in the contemporary martial arts world. Such a thing, if not personally experienced, it is hard to think of. Suddenly thought of Zhang Yiping, he was seriously injured, stay in Baodu Gang Chaoyang Ping, somehow also arrived at this bright moon, to participate in the hero meeting. Think about how he treated himself in the side hall just now, as if the whole person had completely changed, and there must be a great secret in it. The more I thought about it, the more suspicious I felt. I wanted to go to Zhang Yiping immediately to ask him. Suddenly I stood up and ran out! I saw a touch of sunset, reflected over, the sky is already approaching dusk. His heart suddenly cleared and he said to himself, "There is no definite place for the people attending the meeting to rest.". Except for the monks in the temple, I'm afraid no one can know. It's getting late now, and I'm running around. "Uncle just wants to arouse suspicion again." Thinking back, he slowly retreated into the room, lay down in his clothes, and fell asleep unconsciously. This sleep is very sweet, wake up in the middle of the night, the room is dark, hard to see five fingers. Between the ears of the wind whistling, mixed with the sound of rain, the weather is unpredictable, I do not know when it began to rain. Fang Zhaonan sat up,Pallet rack beams, rubbed his eyes with his hands, groped down the wooden couch, and walked forward. In his memory, there was tea on the bamboo table on the wall. When he woke up, he was very thirsty and walked forward intuitively. His eyesight was extraordinary, but when he stopped for a moment, he could see things faintly. He reached for the teapot on the bamboo table, poured a bowl, and drank it in one breath. The entrance was cold, and the feeling of being sleepy when I first woke up disappeared,Narrow aisle rack, and my mind suddenly cleared. But the wind roared fiercely, the rain filled my ears, and the wind outside seemed to be very strong. He stood in silence for a moment, waiting to return to the wooden couch and sit quietly, when suddenly he saw a flash of light in the air, and could not help turning his head and looking out. Then the thunder rumbled deafeningly, and faintly, it seemed that a figure was reflected in the quiet courtyard outside the window. Doubts in the heart, slowly walked past, gently opened the window, suddenly felt a cold air, blowing in, carrying little raindrops on the face. Another flash of light, strong dazzling, through the flash of light to see, see the wind and rain, standing a girl with long hair. In such a stormy night, in the heavily guarded temple, Pallet rack supplier ,long span shelving, even if outsiders dare to come, I am afraid it will be difficult to escape the Shaolin Monk's heavy surveillance, which is bound to cause a commotion. The girl in the storm is probably Chen Xuanshuang. Mind a move, regardless of the wind and rain blowing, jump, fly out of the window, raindrops such as beads, blowing on the body, a moment between wet clothes. Although he expected that the girl in the wind and rain was probably Chen Xuanshuang, he still did not dare to relax his guard a little, secretly protecting each other with luck, and walked slowly past. The girl with long hair seemed to be alert to someone walking towards her and slowly turned around. Strong wind and rain, like a waterfall, standing in the wind and rain, as if in the surging river, although the two are only four or five feet apart, but Fang Zhaonan still can not see each other's face. A soft voice came to my ears and said, "Brother Nan, have you woken up?" As soon as the voice reached his ears, Fang Zhaofu immediately recognized who the other party was. He hurried over and said:. 'Sister Frost? What are you doing out of the room instead of resting in the storm? Chen Xuanshuang said, "I can't sleep. I've been standing outside your window for a long time!"! Seeing your sweet dream, I can't bear to wake you up. These few words are more affectionate than a thousand words of covenant. Moved, Fang Zhaonan grabbed her sleeve and said, "It's chilly in spring, and the night rain is like ice. If you get wet in the wind and rain, you won't be afraid of getting cold and sick. Go quickly!"! If you have something to say, let's go inside. Holding her delicate hand, he walked straight into the room. When Fang Zhaonan came out, he jumped out of the window. The door was still clasped. He pushed it, but did not push it open. Then he remembered that the door was still clasped. He smiled and said, "I'm in a hurry, too!"! Forget that the door is not open. Let's climb back through the window. When they returned to the room, Fang Zhaonan closed the window with his backhand, took the flint, lit the oil lamp, and the room suddenly brightened up. Fang Zhaonan's clothes were also drenched by the rain, and the drops of water rolled down to the ground. Chen Xuanshuang suddenly said solemnly, "Brother Nan, go and sit on the bamboo chair." Fang Zhaonan did not know what she meant, but when he saw what she said solemnly, he had to sit down. Chen Xuanshuang said in a low voice, "No matter what I do, don't move!" Fang Zhaonan hesitated and said with a smile, "All right!" Chen Xuanshuang seemed to be very happy. She smiled and said, "If you move, I'll be angry!" Chen Xuanshuang turned around and approached the wooden couch. He took Fang Zhaonan's clothes, shoes and socks and came over. He crouched down and raised his head. Still worried, he said, "Don't lie to me." He lifted Fang Zhaonan's leg and took off his wet shoes and socks. Fang Zhaonan felt very embarrassed. His face was hot and he said, "How dare you trouble Younger Martial Sister for such a thing? I'd better do it myself." Chen Xuanshuang wiped the drops of water on his legs and said, "You promised not to move." Fang Zhaonan Zhengrong said: "Younger Martial Sister is already a graceful young girl, and I am also too young. We are no longer children. We should not hold hands and laugh. How can we go beyond the etiquette of men and women here?" Suddenly he stood up. Chen Xuanshuang slowly raised his head and said, "Don't you want to marry me later?" Such words, unexpectedly in her mouth, and a serious face, Zhuangzhuang heavy, it seems that her heart has long regarded Fang Zhaonan as a future husband. When Fang Zhaonan heard this, he was in a daze for a moment and said,heavy duty racking system, "How can such a life-long event be a child's play? How can you make a hasty decision without the orders of your parents or the matchmakers?" Chen Xuanshuang looked up and thought for a moment and said, "Alas!"! I haven't been brought up well since I was a child. I don't know a lot of things. I think I will always be your wife in the future. Naturally, I will make the bed for you and take care of you. omracking.com


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