Quan Min Chengguan and Master Quanli

"You're right." Chen Guoxiao, "I come to play the game is really playing the game, the victory or defeat is not as important as you see.

"You're right." Chen Guoxiao, "I come to play the game is really playing the game, the victory or defeat is not as important as you see.". Even if I lose here, it's no big deal, because I'm a sissy, and it's my art to integrate the art of sissy into the competition. "I hope your art can make you survive for 10 seconds." Anxious face expressionless release cruel words. There was an uproar at the scene. The tit-for-tat lines of the two sides excited the commentary. Bai Dahe clenched his fist all the time: "Jiao Jiao feels so murderous. Would you like to predict who will win?" "This.." It's hard to say. Dou Yidou shook his head. "Just wait and see what happens." System prompt: Qianli Jiaozhuo vs Huayue Liancheng, 3! 2! 1! Start! (To be continued.) PS: PS: What do you want the final boss to be? A. Shot dead on the spot. B. Still running away, but struggling to live (maybe one day bored may write a sequel). C. Others. Chapter 646 six-pack Abdominal Muscles (part 1). Chen Guo immediately took out the scroll, called out the elegant butterfly, at the same time the spell harasses unceasingly. As soon as the anxious sickle swings, the stride rushes, from time to time the bone spear flies to return fire. The other side has the skill of Niang Dun, and the summoning skill is basically useless. It can only be cut flat or small, which is the only way to be anxious. Of course, Chen Guo also knows that with his skill, he is equally capable of melee combat with anxiety, but he does not need to do so. The long-range attack ability of the Demon Fighter is superior to that of the Death Prophet. He has to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Jiao Zhuo to decide the victory or defeat. Playing the professional advantage is the king's way. On the stage, one retreats, one advances, and the magic goes back and forth in the middle, while the elegant butterfly is pulled directly into the distance. Obviously, Chen Guo thinks that this kind of pet is not enough to deal with the master confrontation,magnetic separator machine, may become a burden, and the existence of the elegant butterfly, that is equal to the plating Niang will always threaten, the other side's big move also dare not put in disorder. Bucket head zombies or something called out, but also directly by Niang, counterattack the master, at this time even if the soul exchange, it is useless. Jiao Jiao seems to be at a disadvantage. Curved vertical regret to open the mouth. Anxious without agility,tin beneficiation plant, group wind blade this range of moves is very difficult to flash, all the way to pursue, in fact, all the way to rub blood. The long-range attacks used by Jiaozhuo are basically single attacks, and evasion is really easy. If the opponent's speed is above her, it depends on how he will deal with it when he retreats near the border. Dou Yidou also answered quickly. The white crane looked at him nervously without saying a word. There is no doubt that she supports anxiety, but sometimes she can't show it too explicitly. Chen Guo retreats and retreats again, which is still very easy at present. Look at the anxious expression is also very calm, probably still waiting for me to retreat to the border when how to fight back? It is a pity. Everyone guessed wrong this time. Group Wind Blade! Once again, the scope of the wind spell passed, anxiously carefully observed the gap, and turned sideways. This time it was all evasive. But Chen Guo just gave a sneer, and a ring-shaped object flew out of his pocket and quickly put it on his body. Anxious under a daze, unexpectedly too late to dodge. When the ring-shaped object touched the burning body, it turned around in the middle, coltan ore processing ,Carbon in Pulp, like handcuffs, and put the burning body on. Relying on the inertia to tighten automatically, the anxious two arms are also firmly handcuffed. The female brain-damaged fans are already screaming, and all the fans of the bug group are sighing. Giant handcuffs of this nature are undoubtedly very strong. In the last game, the blood God's legs were locked and he didn't break free until the end. Now the handcuffs are bigger and more delicate, and there is no doubt that he is already anxious. "What do you really want to say about you?" Chen Guo walked over leisurely, "I have to hold out for 10 seconds?"? I'm so scared. I'm so scared. "Oh?"? You think you've won. So try to use a mental attack. Do you mean to disgust me? Although he was handcuffed, he was still calm. His upper body twisted for a moment, and sure enough, he could not move at all, but his footsteps were still rushing towards him. The audience was surprised. Do you want to kick him to death? Or bite him to death? Not daring to be careless, Chen Guo turned out another net from his pocket and jumped down from the air, but failed to dodge. Be caught in a net. There is no doubt that this net is also made of a belt, and Chen Guo fell to the ground. When you pull the rope with both hands, the net tightens automatically. The middle sickle is horizontal, the net rope jumps very tightly, but anxious at this time has been almost difficult to move. Even if you walk, it's easy to step on the net rope, so you have to be careful. It's really a pity, "Chen Guo shook his head." To tell you the truth, I thought it would be more difficult to deal with. Throw my big handcuffs in the gap of the wind blade. I thought it was not so easy to succeed, but it's a pity. Tut, anxious, you look down on me too much, and you are too confident of your kung fu. Anxious sneer, even if at this time by the net, she is still momentum: "Don't you think I am deliberately let you net it?" "Ha ha," Chen Guo could not help laughing out loud, "why? Oh, right. The arena battle is a testing session to see if my technology can really bind you? If so, I'm probably going to lose, right? Ha ha ha All the female brain-damaged fans laughed. Chen Guo raised his sword. At this time, he was no threat to him. He even decided to stab him to death with an ordinary attack. In order to ensure that they maximize the saving of magic physical strength, leaving for the next game. The fans of bug group sigh, many people even turn their faces away, the other side deliberately humiliated, in fact, also want to affect their mentality, but in the eyes of fans, after all. "Drink!!!" There was a thunder on the ground, accompanied by the sound of countless broken equipment and layers of air waves. Many spectators hurried back, but saw the fragments of the rope net handcuffs on the field, and even their own jackets and equipment were all in pieces, flying around. Only a bra is left on the upper body, revealing white skin and strong muscle lines. Lin Guang couldn't help exclaiming in the audience: "I haven't seen six abdominal muscles for a long time." Chen Guo Jian arrived, anxiously stretched out his thumb and forefinger, pinched the tip of the sword, and stopped it with ease. The whole audience was quiet,gold heap leaching, and everyone seemed unable to understand what had happened. Chen Guo himself could not help but tremble, and when he looked at the state, he found that he had entered a state of fear. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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