When a vampire bites Omega.

"You're right." Chen Guoxiao, "I come to play the game is really playing the game, the victory or defeat is not as important as you see.

Then he took his Highness's hand, looked at the dark clouds in the sky with his blue eyes, and put the ring, which had been worn for hundreds of years, into the man's palm. I am a.. He wanted to say that he was a vampire who had lived for hundreds of years, but the word'vampire ', even though he had done many psychological constructions, could not be exposed without hesitation in front of his Highness. So he paused and said with difficulty, "I am a cursed man." A dead man cursed by Satan, unable to walk in the sun. At the moment when the necklace was released, the vampire, without the protection of witchcraft, was completely exposed to the light, even though it was separated by thick dark clouds, it still burned him. Onion white fingers, began to crack a little bit, like a knife scraped open one after another small wounds. Blood. Slowly oozing. The blond boy, wearing a hat, turned his back to his favorite gentleman. Even though the wound on his body was so painful that he could not breathe, he explained it word by word. I can't walk in the sun because I've been cursed. My body temperature is very low, and my usual temperature is.. It's all my own tune, so it's no different from ordinary people. Ordinary people's food, I can't eat,tin beneficiation plant, I will vomit after eating.. When you speak, you have a thick nasal voice. The little boy scolded in his heart: "Ivan, why don't you live up to your reputation?". I cried until I couldn't control myself. Just then, the fingers burned by the sun were suddenly covered with a layer of warmth. "How do I get this ring? Will it be all right to wear it?" His Highness's hoarse voice sounded in his ears, with a trill. Then, the middle finger gushed with familiar power. The burn, it's stopped. All the wounds healed visibly, as if they had never been injured. The boy looked down and saw the black gold ring on his hand. It is from there that the powerful spiritual power flows continuously. A sigh of relief sounded in my ears. Carey took the boy carefully, his hands white with onions,Portable gold trommel, which were full of terrible wounds just now. Although he has recovered his beautiful appearance now, he still dares not exert himself. Fortunately, the boy was clever and soft, and with a gentle pull, he turned back and stood facing him. Don't show this ring easily in the future, do you know? Ivan said, "Oh," and said, "Good." Then, string the ring up and wear it around your neck. Because the chain is inconvenient to buckle at the back, it is particularly laborious to wear. I'll come His Highness's voice rang in his ears, and his hands were covered with warmth. The boy put down his hand and said softly, "Thank you." When the chain was put on, Carey took off his scarf again, lifted his collar and hid the ring in the innermost part. Fingers with thin cocoons pinched the young man's fleshy earlobes twice before bending over and imprinting a kiss on them. He rubbed his fingers on the boy's cheek, kissed his smooth forehead, sodium cyanide price ,coltan ore processing, the tip of his round nose, and finally bit his soft lips. The boy closed his eyes obediently and laid a layer of frost-white eyelashes, curled up and flapped gently. Do you want to go back with Liu Zhen? As he spoke, he bit the boy hard on the lips. The little fellow snorted in pain and said indistinctly, "No … …" Don't go back. With a satisfied "hmm", Carey gently stroked the end of the teenager's hair with his palm and said, "Be good." Then the tip of his tongue licked the boy's lips, and his lips touched his lips open and close, saying, "Baby, open your mouth." Warm breath, with the voice of speech, scattered in the lips. The little boy instinctively softened his body. This is a kiss of extreme tenderness. For the first time, his real kiss with His Highness was like a storm that almost swallowed him up. This time, it is February after the cold winter, blowing three feet of frozen, early spring, gentle wind. In a daze, his Highness gently stroked his cheek, slightly hooked his lips, and said, "a reward for today's well-behaved children." The author has something to say: Although this chapter seems so short, I can't wait to upload it and share it with you! Whoo, whoo Think of that sentence: Love across the mountains and seas, mountains and seas can be flat. Chapter 51: I want you to hug me. Chapter 51: I want you to hug me. The young man with blond hair looked at the snowflakes all over the sky and his Highness in the snowflakes, and a tear fell from his eyes as soon as he blinked. He took off his coat and put his feet on his Highness, trying to cover the snowflakes on his head. But he is really a little short, even if both arms are raised upward, but still can only empty clothes on the top of your Highness's head. Clumsy movements, but rubbed against his Highness's military cap. Onion white fingers were suddenly held by a pair of big hands, and then the coat with body temperature returned to his body. Ivan blushed as he watched the man button him up little by little. A pair of blue eyes looked down slightly and said softly, "Your Highness, I'm not cold." Carey smiled and pinched his cheek. "Be good, I know.". But I still want to take care of you. Even though I know he is indestructible, I still can't help protecting him. Ivan lowered his eyes slightly, gave a soft "hmm" and said, "Thank you." Not far away from each other, Lance, who witnessed the whole process, looked at the two people who showed their love over there, and then looked at the wizard in front of them. He blinked and coughed awkwardly. Then Step back in silence. What? I misunderstood you. However, before he could step back much, he was grabbed by the man in front of him. A sense of Alpha's unique oppression came clearly. This innate, top Alpha pheromone power, even in such an open-air environment, shallow escape, still let Lance can not help but a soft body. However, the body is soft, the mouth can not be soft. Omeg, who tried to straighten himself up, stared and said angrily,small gold wash plant, "You let me go!"! Is there any quality to suppress people with Alpha? Liu Zhen hurriedly let go of his hand: "I'm sorry, Mr. Yul.". I didn't notice you were Omega. Lance. Omega, who has been working to hide his identity and hook up with little O in medical school.. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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