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"You're right." Chen Guoxiao, "I come to play the game is really playing the game, the victory or defeat is not as important as you see.

The spacious study was brightly lit, and the curtain blown by the breeze hit the glass, making a lot of noise in the quiet environment. Wen Yike worked alone for a while, went to the living room to pour a cup of tea, and then came back to close the window a little smaller. There were still a few documents on the table, which would soon be over. Wen Yike sat down and held the cup in silence. The rising fog blurred his handsome face, which was even more unreal in the light as bright as the day. Just a few minutes after this quiet sculpture, Wen Yike's long legs folded and changed his posture. When his eyes fell on the desk again, he remembered one thing. He took his mobile phone and looked at the time. With a smile on his lips, he kindly called his assistant Fang Jing. The other end was quickly picked up. Fang Jing, "Wen Yike's eyes are far away, holding the finger pulp of the teacup slowly rubbing the edge of the cup, his tone is not slow," tomorrow I will buy some natural food for dogs and put it in my office. " When Fang Jing heard this, he touched his ear and thought he didn't hear clearly: "General Manager Wen, do you want dog food?" And put it in the president's office? Wen Yike said, the words suddenly broke for a few seconds, and the bright black eyes looking ahead suddenly dropped, covering the smile of interest that rose inch by inch in the fundus. Buy a little more, "he paused, the corners of his mouth leisurely raised, dark eyes like a precise calculation," a girl can't move it alone. " Fang Jingmo, a long time: "." Oh Hung up the phone, Wen Yike pressed the temple,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, the corners of the mouth raised a smile how to take back, he took a cup of hot tea, bowed his head and continued to work. But Lin Xi, after taking a comfortable bath, lay on the bed to brush Weibo, looked through some interesting pet videos, and then clicked on the special attention. There are a lot of people following her micro-blog, but the only one who pays special attention to it is the dusk and morning light. In the past, the dusk and morning light did not like to send micro-blog. It often took ten days and a half months to bubble up,30ml dropper bottle, but now it is more frequent. Internet speed is not very good, Lin Xi refreshed for a while before refreshing out, she saw the dusk morning light has updated Weibo, wet bright eyes suddenly lit up, but when the line of sight fell on the last few words, confused for several seconds to make sure that he was not wrong. Rubbing her eyes, she flattened her mouth and twisted her fingers in a not very cheerful way, commenting. Super happy Lin Xiaoxi: qaq When the screen showed that the transmission was successful, she turned over and lay flat on the bed, staring at the ceiling in a daze, until a phone call woke her up. It was Jiang Zhuoyan, who called to chat with her and said something far and wide, and his topic finally jumped to the actual question he wanted to ask. Lin Xi. She hum. In the cool breeze, Jiang Zhuoyan stood in front of the window and looked at the dark sky. His impetuous heart gradually sank. He asked softly, "Is that your boyfriend at your door today?" From the beginning of seeing the man, he had such doubts, but it was not good to ask in front of others, he and Lin Xi were friends, oil dropper bottle ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, she was too much and he had no right to involve, but. With a low sigh, Jiang Zhuo was silent. Hearing this, Lin Xi was stunned for a few seconds, then shook his head. At the thought that it was a phone call that he could not see, he stammered to explain: "No." No! It wasn't. Jiang Zhuoyan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, he gently hum, also no longer continue, said "go to bed early good night", then hung up the phone. Ears are cold beep, Lin Xi doubtfully twisted eyebrows, did not think more, holding the quilt to sleep. After a dreamless night, Lin Xi woke up very early and saw that the sky outside was bright and the warm sun had risen, so he stopped staying in bed and got up to wash. Still holding a toothbrush in her mouth, the sound of scratching the door came from the door of the bathroom. She frowned, and as soon as she pulled it open, Ama smiled. Her little yellow paws were still pressed on the door frame, making a gesture to continue scratching. Seeing Lin Xi standing still, Ama wanted to stand up and ask for a hug, but her legs were too short and her height was not enough. She could not support her fat body after standing for two seconds, and fell back with a bang. Just pressed on the side of the rest of Fujin's tail, Fujin immediately jumped up and bared his teeth at Ama. This scene is so interesting that Lin Xi is so happy to see it that the foam in his mouth is full before he reacts and hurriedly returns to the washstand to continue gargling. Downstairs to buy breakfast, Lin Xi bought himself a few fried buns and a cup of hot soybean milk, thinking about the two dogs still waiting to be fed at home, and brought a cage of Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket back. Throw away the skin, take out the meat inside and put it in the bowl, and the fragrant Lin Xi himself wants to taste it. After feeding herself and the dog, Lin Xi was ready to go to the pet hospital. When she put on her coat, she suddenly remembered what Wen Yike had said last night. She glanced at the empty bag of dog food and took a taxi. At the same time, Fang Jing was coming out of the elevator, covering his face with several bags of dog food in his arms. He looked at the ground carefully and almost fell a dog when he entered the office. Just put down, just wheezed a few breaths, think there are a few bags outside, Fang Jing sad face, glanced at someone working seriously in front of the computer, and went out to move dog food without complaint! These two days the old man can sleep very much, usually get up in the morning to water the flowers and pull the weeds, eat lunch, and spend the whole afternoon in sleep. Qiao Mingyuan has been accompanied by the old man, very not easy to take advantage of the old man fell asleep, Jin aunt did not notice to slip out of the house, to the company was informed that he was in a meeting. Qiao Mingyuan was depressed, but did not say anything, obediently followed the passing manager into the lounge. Miss Joe, rest here for a while! Yan Ci smiled, remembered that he should go to pour a glass of water, and went to the tea room to give her a cup of warm water, "drink some water." Qiao Mingyuan didn't come to the company very often, and he didn't have much impression of this gallant man. After a cold hum, he stretched out his hand to pick up the cup. But when she touched the cup, the hand had not yet loosened, so she touched his cool fingertips, and she suddenly shrank her fingers, and her whole face changed greatly. What are you doing? She suddenly raised her eyes and stared coldly at Yan Ci,Amber Dropper Bottles, who was startled by her reaction, endured the gushing emotions, apologized softly and went out. penghuangbottle.com


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