The dragon crosses the river

Not to mention that every owner is so generous to treat their pets to this set meal,

Not to mention that every owner is so generous to treat their pets to this set meal, but when the owner is happy, or when their pets have made a great contribution, they will not care about this expense. Xiao Zi, who had returned from the victory, walked down slowly, and Xiao Mao immediately ran over and sent up a plate of freshly roasted veal steak. Not to mention, when Xiaozi eats this thing, she has to send it to Xiaomao personally, otherwise she will lose her temper, and the dragon is so hard to serve ~ When Xiaomao served Xiaozi, it was rare for him to have a good temper and patience. Afterwards, he told me that he could serve anyone who could make a profit, especially a large profit. Besides, Xiaozi could make great efforts in the defense of the Magic Palace. This kind of treasure is not much more than a few dozen. The nature of the standard merchant! But see love son, small purple immediately become very clever, immediately first serve the veal steak, flashing pitiful eyes, in fact, still staring at this plate of freshly baked veal steak. But Qing'er doesn't like this. Xiao Zi's steak is medium-rare, while Qing'er likes it well-done, while most people like it medium-well. Come to think of it, it's not easy to be a cook! When the crystal dragon came off the stage, everyone reacted,ultrasonic cutting machine, and immediately a discussion began. I am dizzy, the dragon is the dragon, the fork fork, dares the feeling just a pair of leisurely is to put on, leads that lovable leopard to take the bait? "Yes, the light leopard of the 8th order was settled like this. It was too sharp and miserable. I thought that guy could get a good result. Who let it meet the dragon?" "Yes, if you don't meet a dragon, how can you get a few games done? This leopard used to meet when he was practicing,ultrasonic generator driver, and it was very powerful. I didn't expect that when he was in the hands of others, it was as smooth as eating a veal steak. Hey." This brother shook his head helplessly, not knowing whether to pity the leopard or to sigh at the power of the crystal dragon. By the way, whose pet is this crystal dragon? It seems that the Magic Palace seldom uses it. Such a good pet is placed at the door of the first floor all day as a sign. It's really a waste! "The Demon Palace is rich and powerful, and its strength is even more bottomless. What is a dragon? It has been killed!" "I heard that it is one of the pets of the little princess of the Magic Palace. This little princess is probably a soul-eating relative. She knows how to play and make trouble all day long. This crystal dragon is probably used to protect her." "That's it, and I don't know what the other pets are!" "You say love, ah, know, know, awesome, no one in the Magic Palace is not afraid of her, Mao Zongguan saw her is also a head two big." A so-called senior person said in a good way. Feiyun's golden-winged ROC king is also coming on stage. Feiyun has given her a resounding name-Golden Wind. This is the first appearance of Golden Phoenix, which really causes a surprise. No one has ever heard of such a pet. And the other side also raised objections, his opponent is clearly a 8th order thunderbird, how can it grow so big after a while, become the 9th order Golden Wing Roc King, the game is not allowed to change pets! The host had to come out to explain that the golden-winged ROC king of the 9th order wind attribute was evolved from the thunderbird. Not long ago, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, the demon king devoured the soul and got the reward with the most experience during the 11th National Day. He gave this reward to the thunderbird of Feiyun, which was also upgraded successfully not long ago and promoted to the holy beast. The other side can only recognize the bad luck, why is it so upset, because the other side is a 7-level, 68-level fire eagle, and the master is only 72, it seems that the strength of this pet is really not small, originally wanted to have a little chance to win against the 8-level, but also the pet of Yuntai Fairy, absolutely can leave a deep impression, unexpectedly, the dream has not been made for an hour. But gritted teeth, more promotion of pets, perhaps what sequelae will be left behind, fight to know! Fire eagle came on the stage, flew around in the air to experience the feeling of space, the golden wind also came on the stage, the huge broad golden wings suddenly occupied a large space, the breath of the king in the air suddenly dispersed, is mighty and extraordinary, a discerning person can see that this is also no chance, but to see how many brushes the so-called nine-level golden-winged ROC king has. Moreover, the Fire Eagle is so flexible and experienced in fighting that it may not be able to make the King of the Golden-winged Roc suffer a little. But the wind conquers the fire, which is not good for the Fire Eagle! Now the situation is to use the small size of the body to fight guerrilla warfare! The firehawk was also clearly aware of the situation in front of him and was about to start attacking, but this time it was wrong. The golden wind, who had thought he was going to defend and fight back, did not expect to be a hothead. Probably he was not happy to see the bird flying around in front of him. At the beginning of the game, he dived directly, his huge wings flapped rapidly, and two tornadoes blew out. All of a sudden blocked the way of the Fire Eagle, the Fire Eagle saw that the situation was not good and anxious, opening his mouth was a flame blowing toward the golden wind. However, the flame was relatively small, and it was blown away by tornadoes on both sides in the middle of the journey. Obviously, it was not a killer's mace. The golden-winged ROC king opened his mouth with a roar, and a huge lightning bolt was released from his mouth in a straight line, like a lightning snake. A turning point hit the small head of the fire eagle-the head! Complete victory! King Golden-winged Roc Must Kill-Razer! The first battle of the Golden-winged Roc King was a blockbuster! Who has ever seen such lightning magic, it is like a sharp arrow made of lightning, and the speed to open several times, the power is amazing, too difficult to guard against! The eternal ancient magician looked at this strange lightning magic and began to ponder. I don't know if this guy is going to create some weird magic scrolls, but it's really worth learning, and I'm going to study it! "Wow, what kind of trick is this? It's too, too perverted. Who can hide from this kind of lightning in a hurry?" "Yes, this big bird is really imposing, not to mention with the snow cloud is really a pair of it, 'wind and cloud' world, ha ha." "I really want to pull out a hair as a souvenir!" "This can be some good look, one-horned silver Pegasus has an opponent in the air, it seems that the final is basically a decisive battle for the family!" "Well, I really seem to know who is the overlord in the air,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, the one-horned silver flying horse, the ice Luan, and the golden-winged ROC king!" 。


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