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This double-edged tomahawk is made of metal as a whole, with a handle about 1.5 meters long,

This double-edged tomahawk is made of metal as a whole, with a handle about 1.5 meters long, and its wide face can almost be used as a shield. Except for the two sides of the blade, the handle and the tip of the axe are conical, and the tip is cold and shining, which looks extremely "ferocious". Hey, we dwarves didn't mess with you. The letter from Lauvita.. Lorraine, the preparatory prince of the Snow Peak Dwarves, muttered discontentedly, but before he had finished speaking, he immediately stared at the giant tomahawk in Idriya's hand. Others were also a little surprised. They thought that the big cloth bag behind her was used for penance. Lauvita is a goddess of abuse. Her followers have been carrying a heavy object to abuse themselves. That's normal. I didn't expect it to be such a "ferocious" thing. What are you looking at? It's a family heirloom! Idria gave the crowd a cold look, pulled the red ponytail behind her head in front of her, bit it with her teeth, walked to the front of the line with an axe in both hands, stood with Kelly, and stared at the three death knights viciously, so fierce that the males in the line were all sweating. Kelly glanced at the woman beside her and felt a little surprised, but when she saw the weapon in the knight's hand, she smiled and nodded at her. Robin,outdoor palm trees, it's time for us to decide what to do, break out backwards, or keep going further into the valley. Stark asked lightly, and by now, the big fellow, who had been carrying a heavy burden, had put aside his thoughts and looked calm. Robin bit his teeth with a rare hesitation. Despite the tight encirclement,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, there is a slight difference between the front and back encirclement of the undead. The number of blockades behind is more, accounting for 60% of the total. I really don't know how the undead get around the cliff. The most important thing is that there are three death knights in the back, which are really high-level undead. By rights, there was nothing to think about at this point. It was a closed valley in the shape of a gourd, and the only entrance and exit could only be reached by breaking through the same way, but Robin understood why Stark wanted to move on. The way these undead appeared was so strange that they could not have entered the valley from the outside, but seemed to have emerged from the valley. In this way, the valley may have undergone unknown changes, perhaps there is a road opened by the dead. It's just that this choice will determine everyone's fate, and Robin really doesn't dare to take the risk. Break back, or keep moving forward? Backward breakout is doomed to heavy losses, with three death knights entangled and so many undead cannon fodder, even if the apostles play all their cards, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,artificial plant wall panels, the result will not be very good. Apart from Kelly, no one is sure to survive. As for the plot, the elves and dwarves are bound to be wiped out. If we move forward, let's not say whether there is a passage in Robin's imagination. Even if there is, it is not necessarily a way out. Ninety percent of them may lead to the forbidden zone where the dead are entrenched. There is also little hope. Go ahead, don't you want to see the so-called forbidden zone of life before you die? I'm very curious! Suddenly a clear voice came from the ranks. They looked up and found Qin Lun looking at them with a smile. "Besides, the real behind-the-scenes emissary of the dead has not yet appeared. Elder Loire is right. We are not without a chance to negotiate." Robin's eyes lit up. Indeed, death knights also have the ability to command low-level undead, but this ability is not as powerful as necromancers and liches. The thousands of low-level undead here can't all be commanded by these three death knights who play the vanguard. There should be undead mages or liches hidden in the valley. The most important point is that these emissaries of the undead have changed their behavior for thousands of years and intend to come out of the cloud mountains. Whether such acts are spontaneous or instigated by outsiders, at least they have a certain degree of desire. Conscious desire of the dead will naturally no longer be indifferent to the fall, as long as the main messenger can be captured, then the people will have the weight to negotiate. Seeing the change of Robin's expression, Qin Lun knew that she had made a decision, and with a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, she quietly retreated to Elistin's side. Sister Kelly. Cried Robin, looking up. I have heard, you go, I stay behind! Kelly said without looking back. "We stay, too!" With a wave of his hand, the Boni Knight led the remaining seven or eight cavalry towards Kelly with a firm face. At the same time, the people who understood also began the final preparation. "Nicole, Philip, you take the rest of the crew and go with Robin." Stark sighed and turned to Kelly. No, I'm staying! Not to mention, Lord Kelly, I'm here to give you a chance to come back. Nicole bit her lip and said with a pale face. Nicole.. Cried Philip. You've seen what Philip Stark has done along the way. No matter what you think, I now recognize his position as a leader. Nicole said earnestly, "I don't want to lose another colonel. That experience is enough once." "Then I'll stay." "No, the rest of the League needs a leader." Both Nicole and Stark shook their heads. "You have to go with them." "All right, come back alive, or I'll disband the fortress!" Philip clenched his teeth, jumped out a word from the gap between his teeth, and resolutely turned away. "Monsieur Philard, is it?" A gentle voice suddenly came from behind Qin Lun. Master Angelo? Seeing the figure coming behind him, Qin Lun raised his eyebrows slightly and asked with a smile, "What can I do for you?" "Will you take my apprentice, El?" Angelo narrowed his eyes and looked meaningfully at Qin Lun. You're staying, too? Qin Lun's eyes flashed and he was slightly surprised. Their strength is good, but there is no legal profession left, they can not stop so many undead, not to mention the impact of the three death knights is very strong, need a mage to slow them down. Angelo did not seem to be worried about his own safety at all, and shook his head with a smile. Oh? It makes sense to say so! Qin Lun touched his nose,fake ficus tree, the cold light in his eyes flashed away, and asked in a low voice, "but why me?" 。


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